Cruise to New England & Canada

September 6 to 20, 2015

(Celebrity - Summit: Cabin 6109 2B Balcony - H/C)


Port of Calls


Our drive to Ramsay, NJ


Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ


At sea


Boston, MA


Portland, ME


Bar Harbor, ME


At Sea


At Sea


Quebec City, QC


Quebec City, QC


At Sea


Charlottetown, PEI


Sydney, NS


Halifax, NS


At sea 


Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ


Our final thoughts



Sept 5th - Driving to Ramsay NJ

We left this morning at 7AM, it was a little cool but we knew that it was going to warm up.  It did not take time it was 20C/68F.  When we got to the boarder at 7:57AM, it took 50 minutes to cross.  Not fun sitting in the van inching up slowly but they did have lots of guards on duty.

Our drive was uneventful, not too much traffic and sunny and dry all day.  Perfect day for a road trip.  It is now 28C/82F.

We are now at our hotel in Ramsey, NJ we arrived at 3:30PM.  We have the same room that we have had in the past.

It will be an early night for both of us.  Lots to do in the morning when we arrive at the port.

Sept 6th - Boarding the Summit

We left the hotel around 9AM, it was sunny and high 20sC/70sF.  We still had about 45 minutes before reaching the cruise terminal.

When we arrived at the terminal around 10AM there was no line waiting to drop off the luggage.  I gave the porter our check bags and  left Norman at the terminal with our carry-ons while I went to park the van.  We are parked at a further parking as the parking we usually take was full as the Liberty of the Seas left Bayonne yesterday.  They do provide a shuttle to get and from the parking.

I met Norman and we proceeded to the security check point.  Once that was done, we were guided to the line to check-in to get our sea passes which becomes the key to our cabin, to board the ship, to buy anything on the ship.  It is a cashless system but you could run into trouble at the end of the cruise if you are not checking your spending.

We met our friends Vicki & Bob at Bistro on Five.  There prices have gone up to $10/pp but they have added some new items.  We prefer to go there on boarding day as it is less crowded and it is always good service though they told us that we were the last clients for lunch and that it would take some time to be served.  We all enjoyed our lunches and the cabins were ready by 1:20PM.

Once we left the Bistro we all headed to our cabins to settle in.  I started unpacking our carry-ons.

Muster Drill was at 3:10PM, this is a mandatory drill before we sail away.  We do not have to bring our life jackets to the drill but they do show us how to put one on during the drill.  Our Muster Station is C2 which is the Fortune Casino.  This is also printed on your sea pass so in the event of an emergency you must go to your Station and receive further instructions from the Captain.

We are dining at 6PM in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant Deck 4 AFT Starboard.  Our table is 146 which is near a window and very easy access for both Vicki and Norman.  Since the Summit has added Luminae which is for Suites only, the rest of us in the main dining room have been squished.  We were both glad that Vicki got us that table when she was on the Summit this summer.

Celebrity Showtime: Opening Night featuring Comedian Robbie Printz.  We enjoyed this comedian, his jokes were very family oriented and funny.  He will be leaving us in Boston.

After the show, we were so tired from our day that we retired to our room where I finished unpacking.

Sept 7th - At Sea

It was a beautiful day today with highs reaching 31C/89F.  The seas are very calm.

We order in for breakfast as we had a Cruise Critic Connection Party at 10:15AM in the Revelations Lounge.  This is a meeting where you can finally meet the people from our Roll Call that we have been talking with for over 18 months.  All the senior officers were present including Captain Leo and our newest female captain, Captain Kate, which will take over once we leave Quebec City.  She is the first female captain for Celebrity and the first American captain for all cruise lines.  There will be a turning over the reins party later on in the cruise.  Our Cruise Director Ken Mills also welcome us aboard.

Once the Connection Party over, there was a gift exchange for those who wanted to participate.  Each person brings a gift around $10 that represents the area where they come from.  We did not participate this time.

When the gift exchange was over, Vicki had organized a cabin crawl.  This is where some of the members volunteer their cabin to be showed to the others that were doing the cabin crawl.  It is always nice to see other types of cabins that maybe you would like to choose on a future cruise.

We had lunch in the Oceanview Café.  I love their egg salad sandwich.  We rested the rest of the afternoon.

Since we have tickets for our Elite Cocktail, which entitles us to 3 drinks each between 5 and 7PM, we chose the Rendez-vous Lounge where there was a Jazz, Latin and R&B Quartet called 4 Elements Band.

Tonight is the first formal night which is the Captain's Gala Toast.  Everyone gets a glass of champagne or wine to toast our upcoming cruise.  The Captain will introduced his senior officers. There are 995 crews from 65 countries and 2200 guests and only 2 kids that I have yet to see.

Celebrity Showtime: Stars in Their Eyes which was our first production show for this cruise.  This show will be a tribute to legendary stars and their unforgettable music.  Excellent show, Vicki and Bob showed us how to get to the front row where they do have a few places reserved for the handicap with mobility problems.  It was nice to see the show up close, it was our first time but not our last.

Late Night Adult Comedy with Robbie Printz.  Very good comedian, it wasn't too raunchy with lots of family stories.

Sept 8th - Boston, MA

We woke to nice sunny skies this morning with temperatures 34C/93F.

We met Vicki & Bob, Erma & Richard on deck 3 to start our tour together.  Vicki organized this tour.  The tour was called Yummy Walks and Chloe was our guide.  We met Chloe at 300 Northern Avenue call Yankee Lobster this was our first stop.  Here we tasted a lobster roll which was excellent.  This was the first time that both of us tried a lobster roll.  Our next stop was the No Name Restaurant located at the No Name Pier.  We tried a fish chowder, this was our first ever and it was also good.  Our next stop was Water Café where we had a shrimp, we both love shrimp and that went down fast.  Each stop they served us also ice water which was much appreciated as it was a very hot day to be walking outside.  Next was the Barking Crab where inside they have very long picnic tables.  Here we were served a New England Clam Chowder, delicious, my favourite.  Our final stop was Bee's Knees where we were treated to an ice cream.  We both chose strawberry sorbet.  As our tour was ending here, we thought we would take a taxi back to the ship, but not were available for over an hour, so Chloe brought us to the bus station were we boarded our bus that would bring us back directly to our terminal.  The buses are accessible so both scooters were able to get on.  When the bus stopped, the driver had to move the passengers to the back to make room for the two scooters, it was priceless to see the expressions on their faces. It was a good tour and a good day thanks to Vicki who organized it.

Celebrity Showtime: Violinist Amy Lee, she is an instrumentalist that has captivated audiences around the world with her dazzling virtuosity and expressive interpretations of classical and popular music alike.  From Celtic to Broadway and everything in between, this show would please any audience.  Amy was a very good violinist, she also talked about how she got to where she is today.  Another very good show.

Sept 9th - Portland, ME

It was a little cooler today 27C/80F.  We were able to sleep in as our tour was only at 12:45PM.

We had a Celebrity Foodie Walking tour of Portland.  We all met at the end of the walkway which is very long in Portland.  We met our guide James and we were off on our adventure.  Our first stop was Two Fat Cats Bakery where we were served a mud pie which consist of two round cakes and filled with white creamy texture, it is the size of a giant cookie, very good, love them. Our second stop was Harbor Fish Market where you would go to by your fish by the pound.  James took a live lobster and talked about all the parts of the lobster.  We were treated to some scrimps, scallops and muscles.  Our third stop was Blue Rooster Food Co where we sample their kind of poutine which consisted of a tatter tot covered with curd cheese and poutine gravy.  They were excellent. Our final stop was Dean's Sweats Chocolatear where they make all their own chocolate and different varieties.  We sample one of their many kind, ours had some coconut and a slash of liquor. From our last stop we made our way back to the ship.  It was a long walk back.

For dinner they had whole Maine Lobsters on the menu.  I did not have it but the others did and said it was not all cooked properly, I guess trying to cook over 2000 whole lobsters was a little too much.

Celebrity Showtime: It's still Rock & Roll to Me! with David James Guidice.  He played a tribute to Billy Joel with all his hit songs, he was very energetic, fast and furious piano playing.  Another great show.

Sept 10th - Bar Harbor, ME

Another beautiful day today, a little overcast so does not feel as warm.  The temperature today is 26C/78F.

It is a tender port, so scooters are not allowed on the tenders, so we are relaxing on board today.  We had two very busy days in Boston and Portland, it will be nice to give the legs a rest today, sitting on our balcony and watching the tenders go by.  There is a nice breeze, very comfortable.

Celebrity Showtime: Vocalist Savannah Smith.  She has been a headliner in Vegas and has been featured on PBS.  She is a jack of all trades and covers everything from billboard top forty's to Broadway and took us on a journey honouring some of the most amazing female artists of our time.  Another great show.  It has been so much fun being seated in the first row instead of the back row.

Comedy Game Show: The Newlywed, Not So Newlywed.  A fun show where 3 couples test their knowledge of their partner.  We had one couple married 15 months, one married 23 years and the last one married 62 years.  No matter how many times you see this show, it is always a blast.  We had a great time, lots of laughs.

Sept 11th - At Sea

Nice and relaxing day today at Sea.  The seas have been very calm so far.  Today it was sunny with a temperature 26C/78F.

We got up late so we decided to have our coffee at the Café Al Bacio, be both love our Cappuccino.  Then we went on to the Cosmopolitan Restaurant to have our lunch.  We both had mushroom soup, sea food on rice and a desert.  On sea days, it is a nice venue to have lunch.

Matinee Showtime with Amy Lee the violinist that we had the other night.  This is the first time that I can remember having a Matinee on a ship.  We were very surprised that the theatre was almost full and I think she was also.  She is excellent so that is why many wanted to see her again including ourselves.

Tonight Vicki an Bob are dining in Qsine so we were alone at our table.

Celebrity Showtime: Horizon Motown and More.  They are a popular Detroit based Horizon featuring Rick, Darcel and Smoke, put Motown back on the map with their precision, choreography and harmony.  They are a high energy show with harmonious blend of acting, singing and dancing with a touch of comedy that kept us on the edge of our seats.  Love this show a lot.  They were great...

Sept 12th - At Sea

Sunny day today with temperatures of 13C/55F.  A bit chilly to sit out on the balcony.  We had breakfast in the Ocean Café.

Captain's Club Celebration where all the Captain's Club members are invited.  The Captain welcomed us.  We had  The Funky T band with one of the singer's from the Celebrity singers entertaining us.  They awarded a beautiful bouquet of flowers to the one who has cruised the most and the winner was a woman who has cruised 137 times on Celebrity.

We were invited back to Vicki & Bob's cabin which is on the AFT, we sat on the balcony for a bit then went into the cabin as it was a little cool out there.

Tonight is our second formal night.

Celebrity Showtime: Sirens which is our second production show where there are three stunning mermaids host a spectacular mix of burlesque fantasy and spectacular entertainment in a Broadway style musical show and features the stars of the Summit.  A great production show.

Sept 13th - Quebec City, QC

Today the forecast was rain all day, but the time we were out we did not have any rain.  Today is was 14C/57F so a little chilly especially in the wind.  We had our breakfast in our room so we would have more time to get ready.

We met Vicki and Bob at 10:30AM and proceeded of the ship to find our tour guide Jocelyne from Voir Québec.  Vicki organized this Foodie tour for the 4 of us.  We are docked at Pier 30 which was a little further from Old Quebec than the last time we were here we were docked at Pier 22 which was much closer.  The city does provide free shuttle service to a closer point but the busses are not accessible.  We started off with Jocelyne and walked to our first stop at the Marché du Vieux-Port.  We did a few stops here at the Marché, our first was Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau where we tasted different types of cider and maple product.  We bought a bottle of Apple Ice Cider.  Our next stop La Fromagerie where we sampled 2 types of cheeses made directly here. Our third stop was the Fou du Bio where they make many different kind of sausages, we samples 4 kinds and then a maple sugar candy.  Our forth stop was Praline & Chocolat where we had a cookie macaroon, we had a choice of many different flavours.  We then left the Marché and started walking towards the Old Quebec.  Our fifth stop was at Côtes à Côtes where we had some pulled pork with salad and croutons.  It was hard to get there as the roads were all coble stone which are hard on the scooters.  Along the way Jocelyne gave us lots of the history of the area.  We now headed for the Petit Champlain Street which is full of boutiques and on our way to the Funicular.

As we arrived at the Funicular, Norman's scooter seized and we could not get it to work again.  Jocelyne manage to reach a taxi that would pick us up and bring us back to the port.  We packed the scooter in the trunk of the taxi, Norman in the front seat and me in the back and we were on our way back to Pier 30.  Once at the pier, I went with the port security back to our ship's security to get a wheelchair for Norman.  It took a while but the chair came.  Once Norman seated in the wheelchair, I was able to push him through security and back to our cabin.  The person that brought the wheelchair was able to bring back to our cabin the scooter.  Let me tell you we were happy to see our cabin again.  For all places to break down on a pedestrian street.  We were thankful that we were close to the road where the taxi could pick us up and with lots of help were able to get Norman to the taxi.  Celebrity has lent us the wheelchair for as long as we need it, love Celebrity for that.  We were once on NCL when we had a problem and they would not lend out wheelchairs unless prescribe by a doctor.  We have had a similar incident on the Oasis and RCCL lent us also a wheelchair for the duration of our cruise.  So now you know where our loyalty lies.

Celebrity Showtime: Vocalist Ashley Amber Harris who is one of the Celebrity singers.  Tonight she celebrated the talent, artistry and memory of the Legendary Whitney.  This was the first time she was doing this show.  It was an excellent show.

When returned to the cabin, the electrician met us to try and fix the scooter.  After about 20 minutes of working on it, it is now working.  We will try it tomorrow on our excursion.  This excursion is with an accessible bus.  We are so happy that Norman will be able to get around on his beloved scooter.  We will keep the wheelchair in our cabin as a security.

Sept 14th - Quebec City, QC

We got up to what looked like rain outside with temperatures of 15C/59F, still raw outside. We had breakfast in our room as we have a bus tour today to visit the area.

We all met up on Deck 3 for 9:15AM.  When all 12 had arrived we went off the ship and waited in the tent area for our tour guide.  She arrived at 9:45AM but not with the bus.  She contacted her office to find out where was the accessible bus.  After waiting 40 minutes or so a bus did arrive but not accessible.  About 15 minutes later an accessible bus arrived but it looked like a school bus.  One couple, by this time had cancelled.  We told our tour guide that the 6 remaining people should take the non-accessible bus and we would stay back.

Vicki was looking for an accessible taxi when we left her and Bob to come back to the ship.  Norman was in pain just sitting around that long.  He did have a problem with his good leg before we left, so he wanted to go back on the ship.  We do not want to aggravate his leg.  It is getting better every day.

We just had a very low key day on the ship.  We did lots of the lower town yesterday and the upper town is quite a distance from the ship and all up hill.

Celebrity Showtime: Band Artistique - Emile and Marie-Claude have performed around the world with their unique talents.  Combining several different forms of entertainment into one amazing show.  They have appeared on various TV Shows and performed their act with Cirque du Soleil.  This is a very different act that we have ever seen, it was a great show.  We laughed a lot.

Dancing with the Stripes where six stripes and six guests dancers to compete to become the winner.  Always fun to watch and we were not disappointed.

Sept 15th - At Sea

We have a beautiful cool sunny day today at sea with temperatures of 15C/59F.  We slept in and decided to do lunch in the Oceanview Café.  We both had turkey it was very good.

Matinee Showtime: Broadway @ Sea where all the Celebrity singers get a chance to each sing a song from their favourite Broadway show.  It was an excellent show, the theatre was packed.

Elite Elegant Tea which was served in the Cosmopolitan Restaurant.  We met Vicki and Bob and shared more stories.  They served a wide varieties of teas, tapas, pastries and scones with whip cream and jelly.

Celebrity Showtime:  Kym Purling who was a renowned jazz pianist.  He has performed at many of the world's major jazz, music and arts festivals and has worked with many world renown legends such as Natalie Cole and most recently as musical director and conductor for Engelbert Humperdinck.  Another great show.

Sept 16th - Charlottetown, PEI

We had beautiful sunny weather today with temperatures of 17C/63F.  Since we have a tour today, we had breakfast in our cabin.

We met Vicki & Bob on deck 1 at 10:40AM as our tour was for 11:15AM.  We left the ship and walk to the end of the terminal where there are booths set up with all kinds of PEI memorabilia.

We met our driver Jason from Pat and The Elephant which is an accessible bus service here in PEI.  We drove to Point Prim Lighthouse, both Bob and I went up to and inside the Lighthouse taking lots of photos.  Close to there is a restaurant Point Prim Chowderhouse located in Belfast PEI that is famous for its chowder so we stopped for lunch. The chowder was delicious though it was different than the New England Chowder we are all use to.  Our next stop was Rossignol Winery located in Murray River PEI.  They make their own wine they have a great selection, they gave us a tour of their facilities, it is a small winery but very efficient.  Today they were crushing fresh strawberries, they make all kinds of fruit wine. The country side is beautiful, lots houses on big lots.  We followed the ocean view for a while.  It was a nice tour that Vicki organized for us.  Thank you Vicki.

Celebrity Showtime: iMagic with Magician Adam Heppenstall is an innovative and ground breaking show that explores the work of history's greatest illusionists using the latest technology.  iMagic brings the wonderment of childhood to the technology of the future.  Another great show not to be missed.

Motown Rocks featuring the Stars of the Summit.  They took us back in time to celebrate the classics from the Jackson 5, the Temptations, Diana Ross, The Supremes.  This show with the Starts of the Summit was very energetic you could not help but keep time in your seat and sing along with them.  Great show.

Sept 17th - Sydney, NS

Today was a tender port as the Crystal Symphony was the ship that was docked at the pier.  Only one ship can be docked at a time.  We had lunch in the Oceanview Café.  It is sunny today with some wind and 23C/73F.  A beautiful day in Sydney.

Scooters are not allowed on the tenders so I went over by myself to see what there was at the terminal.  There was a big area with free Internet, so that was a very busy place.  Inside there was a craft area with lots of booths with hand made you name it they had it.  I did not stay long and I was back on the tender to return to the ship.

Not much going on this afternoon on the ship, it was very quiet.

Celebrity Showtime: Lou Gazzara who was the youngest contestant to make the finals on "American Idol".  After his success, Lou was asked to join the silver screen with veteran start James Brolin and 90210 star Annalynn McCord in "Bad Girl Island".  Great show!

The Liar's Club with Cruise Director Ken, Activity Manager Mark, Guest Relations Manager Kim and Executive Chef Paul where we the audience had to figure out who was telling the truth.  It was such a funny game show.

Sept 18th - Halifax, NS

Beautiful sunny day in Halifax with temperatures of 23C/73F.  We went to the Oceanview Café for breakfast then left the ship to meet a friend from work, Hélène.  We had a nice visit and walk a little on the boardwalk with Hélène as she was going back to work.

After we went to the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 to do some research on Norman's grandparents and father and got the dates they came over to Canada, what ship and a lot more information.  Norman was so happy to get all of this information.

Tonight was the last formal night for this cruise.

Senior Officers' Cocktail Party which was held once during the cruise in the Revelations Lounge.  This replaced the Elite cocktail tonight.

Celebrity Showtime: iHollywood which is a visual and musical feast of all our favourite movie moments.  From Silver screen classics, Fred & Ginger to Bond and more, it was a celebration of Hollywood staring the Summit singers and dancers.  Very energetic show, these singers and dancers are great.

Sept 19th - At Sea

Today is our last full day on the ship.  We woke up to sunny skies, warm.  We slept in so we had lunch in the dining room.  Love it there, we get served.  It was nice and relaxing.  The whole cruise the seas have been calm.  We can hardly feel the ship moving, we have to look outside to see the sea go by.

Matinee Showtime with Kym Purling who is a renowned jazz pianist.  It was a brand new show that they rehearsed last night at midnight.  He also did some solos that he arranged only this morning.  He is truly very gifted pianist.  Also Lou Gazzara showed up and did one song with Kym and the orchestra.  The theatre was packed.  He put on a great show.

After the show, we did some shopping, stopped for a cappuccino that we brought back to our cabin and started packing.  Always a sad time when we have to pack, we have had such a great time with our friends Vicki and Bob.

Celebrity Showtime: A Voyage to Remember with comedian Fred Klett very funny comedian and Lou Gazzara.  Another great show.

Sept 20th - Cape Liberty, Bayonne, NJ

We docked this morning around 7:30AM.  Once we were dressed and ready we just walked off the ship.  Our departure time was at 8:15AM. Once we picked up our luggage, we cleared customs and left Norman at the terminal with the luggage while I went to get the van.  Once the van all packed, we were on our way.  It took us exactly 7 hrs to drive home.  We had not too much traffic and once on the I87 it was sailing right through.  There was only 2 cars ahead of us at the border.

Our final thoughts

We enjoyed our cruise very much, the shows were all excellent, the staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy.  The food in the dining room was ok, nothing out of the ordinary.  You can see that there have been cut backs in this area.  We had nice weather except for Quebec City where the threat of rain was always there.

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