Cruise Caribbean South & Caribbean East

Feb 1 to Feb 22, 2019

Celebrity Silhouette Back to Back:

cabin 1022 Concierge handicap balcony accessible

Left home on Jan 29 and returned on April 17, 2019

Spent time in Deerfield Beach and Orlando pre and post cruise



Ports of call:

bulletDeerfield Beach, FL
bulletFort Lauderdale, FL
bulletAt Sea
bulletGrand Cayman
bulletAt Sea
bulletAt Sea
bulletAt Sea
bulletFort Lauderdale, FL





At Sea

bulletAt Sea
bulletSt. Croix USVI
bulletSt. Maarten
bulletSt. Lucia
bulletSt. Kitts
bulletAt Sea
bulletAt Sea
bulletFort Lauderdale, FL.
bulletFinal Thoughtsd






January 29-31, 2019 Deerfield Beach, FL

I arrived 4h30m later than planed.  Upon departure at 6:20am the captain announce that the left brake was frozen and that the mechanics were working on thawing it out but then broke a hose.  We had to deplane and our next departure was 9:30am. We were given a $10 voucher so we could have some breakfast.  Around 9am we boarded the new plane which was the same model so we all had the same seats.  Upon departure at 9:30am the captain announces that something in the front of the plane was frozen.  When that was ready the hitch that pulls the plane in reverse was not strong enough to pull this plane.  We had to wait for a stronger one and finally departed 10:38am.

My friends were monitoring my plane on line and were there to pick me up on time.

I spent 3 days at their condo, I had a good time lots of conversations, went to restaurants. I had nice sleeps while at my friends.  They also drove me to the Port Everglades so I could board my ship Celebrity Silhouette.

On day 2 I was able to meet my cousins Roger and Joyce and they took me out to lunch.  We had not seen each other for over 50 years so we did lots of catching up.  It was wonderful.

Feb 1, 2019 Fort Lauderdale

Arrived at the Port around noon and was sitting in the dinning room by 1pm.  Boarding was fast since this time I am in a Concierge cabin so a different line.  Because of Concierge, I was treated to lunch in the dinning room, which is better that the buffet especially with everyone having their carry-ons with them.  Our cabins were ready at 1:10pm.

I got settled in my cabin, I was travelling with carry-ons only therefore I already had my stuff, unpacked.  Muster drill was at 3:15pm where everyone must attend.  After that I proceeded to Deck 15 Sunset Bar for sailaway to meet Cruise Critics friends.  I did not find anyone so watch the sailaway, took some photos and talk to some new guests.

I am on early dinning which it is at 5:45pm.  First night always confusions.  I am seated at table 219 with all solo people.  It is a round table for 8 but we were only 6 last night.  We will see who shows up tonight.  There are very nice ladies and we had one of the speakers with us.  He was very interesting he was lecturing on the Titanic.

Showtime: Our Cruise Director is Sue Dunning, she is the best cruise director I have ever had, I had here on other cruises.  Our show tonight was a comedian Dan Wilson, very funny my cheeks were so soar from laughing.  He will do a late night adult comedy show tomorrow night.

Feb 2, 2019 At Sea

Weather: It is a nice warm day today. Being a sea day I was very busy with different activities

Cruise Critic meet and mingle was held in the Master Bar at 10:15am.  Many showed up and the Cruise Director and lots of stripes were there including the Captain.  I found out that we had an incident during the night.  A passenger took ill and had to be airlifted to Key West.  The person was flown to Miami and is doing well.  We had to dock around 2am. The seas have been very calm but during that time the ship was vibrating and I did not know why until morning.  We did loose some time but the Captain said he was going to put the foot to the metal.

Beyond the Podium: Douglas Field - Georgetown and Grand Cayman

Beyond the Podium: Steve Mattis - Children of Titanic

iLearn: iOS 12 essential Tips and Tricks:

Showtime: Production show Cosmopolitan with Singers, Dancers and Specialty Acts with the Silhouette Orchester

Late Show with Dan Wilson, comedian this is the adult show for over 18.  Not too much swearing but did touch on subject that would not be appropriated for under 18.  Never laughed so much.

Feb 3, 2019 Grand Cayman

cWeather: Sunny today with some clouds and 27C/81F

Celebrity Tour: Turtle Stingray Land and Sea Adventure -  We first drove by the 7mile beach we learned the secrets of raising green sea turtles at the Cayman Turtle Centre, how to make rum cake at the Tortuga Rum Cake Outlet; we found out why islanders call one of their favourite landmarks 'Hell'.  Then those who wanted to swim with the playful Southern stingrays featured on the Disney Channel.  I watch from the catamaran, the people seemed to enjoy this experience.

iLearn: IOS Camera for iPhone & iPad

Feb 4, At Sea

Weather: Beautiful day at sea.  I had breakfast in the Ocean View Café.

Beyond the Podium with Steven Mattis: The 100th Anniversary Memorial Titanic Cruise & Tales of Titanic.  Steven went on this voyage retracing all the same path, the same meals as did Titanic.  He is very animated, knowligable. He has been studying Titanic for over 60 years.  If you ever have a chance to see him on a ship do not miss his lectures.

iLearn Create your first film Eryl with iMovie.  It is a free download from the Apple store.  You can use a template or create your own movie without a template.

Beyond the Podium with Douglas Field: Jewel's in Holland's Crown.  It was interesting

Tech tip: how to Optimized Battery Life: I learnt a lot about keeping my battery healthy.

Showtime: Ashlie-Amber - she sings a tribute to Whitney Houston. Excellent singer. She takes us through a breathtaking celebration of the incredible artistry, and memory of the legendary Whitney Houston.  She is a former American Idol contestant that has been travelling the world leaving audiences speechless with her powerhouse vocals, touching personal story and heartfelt tribute.  Whether you are a fan of Whitney Huston or not you must she her show if you every see her on a cruise.

Feb 5, Aruba

Weather: Partly sunny today with 85F/29C

Celebrity Tour: Kukoo Kunuku Beach Tour - We climbed aboard a colourful open-air bus for a fun ride to one of Aruba's beautiful beaches.  Moving to a Caribbean beat, we visited two island landmarks before hitting the soft, sugar-white sands.  We had about 2 hours of free time at the beach.  Lounge chairs were included in our price of admission.  The waters are turquoise, there was a bar also for drinks and food that we could buy.  On our way back to the ship, our driver put on some very popular songs that we all joined in to sing at the top of our lungs.  We all had a great time.

iLearn: Create your first film with iMovie

Tech Tip: Apple TV & Airport Express

Showtime: Production show called Pearl with the production singers, dancers and specialty acts with the Silhouette Orchestra.  Love the music but did not understand the story.

Feb 6, Curaçao

Today's the weather is Partly Sunny 85F/29C

Celebrity Tour: Beauties of Curaçao - We drove around seeing the natural and cultural wonders during our visit to Boca Tabla National Park, tropical Knip Beach and a local plantation house and gallery.  Our adventure begins with a drive passing stunning estates and old free slave houses.  At Boca Tabla National Park, we admired a roughest coast where waves crash over incredible rock formations.  Then, we visited the most spectacularly beautiful tropical beach on the island, stunning Knip Beach. The waters are crystal clear azure waters.  Next we discovered the salt lakes of Jan Kok where flamingo sighting were possible but far away.  Finally, we drove to the Jan KoK Estate and Nena Sanchez gallery.  We could see the breathtaking plantation views and admire colourful Dutch Caribbean artwork while we learnt about Curaçao rich cultural heritage.

iLearn: Pages Numbers & Keynotes

Tech Tip: Exploring & Wireless Headsets

Showtime: Billy Garan comedian, so funny, could not stop laughing. He is a high energy and machine-gun style delivery that has defined him as a unique talent.  He has opened for Robert Klein, Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld.  He has produced, written and performed numerous radio commercial and has been seen doing comedy on NBC, Showtime's Sherman Oaks and ABC pilot called Worlds Apart.

Feb 7, Bonaire

Today's weather is Sunshine 85F/29C

Celebrity Tour: Bonaire Highlights - We relived the history.  We went and experience the sights of the southern and northern areas of Bonaire with our guide/driver. Our tour took us along the scenic North coast of stunning views of the Bonaire Marine Park to the land-locked salt water lagoon Goto Meer, a natural salt water lake and feeding ground for the island's shy pink flamingos.  We rode along a arrow tree-lined country lanes which will bring us to Dos Pos (Two Wells), a natural drinking well for animals and through history Rincon Village.  We stopped at an outdoor venue, to taste cactus liqueur.  We then continued along the East coast to the salt flats and mountains where we saw the original slave huts which were used as shelters

iLearn: Advanced Photo Safari - we went around the ship taking different kind of photos to be edited later to practice what we learnt.

Teck Tip: Spotlight Search - this is where we can do a search for either a program that is installed or an email that has a certain content that we cannot locate in our emails

Showtime: Jay Mattioli - a magician - funny with some great illusions.  He was on America's Got Talent in the quarter finals. He has become the youngest magicians in history to be recognized by his peers as a two-time Magic Champion.  He has played in Las Vegas, London, Egypt and Hong Kong.

Feb 8, At Sea

Beyond the Podium: Steven Mattis: Cruising Titanic Then and Cruising Now - He made comparisons in today's money what it would have costs to cruise back then in the different classes - 1st class, 2nd class and 3rd class.

iLearn Recap + Q&A

iLearn: Going further with IOS

Tech Tip: Recap

Showtime: Production Life with the production singers, dancers and specialty acts with the Silhouette Orchestra. It is a euphoric feel-good concert with a sense of life, light and love.

Late night Adult Comedy with Billy Garan: very funny but no real swearing just some of the topics.

Feb 9, At Sea

Beyond the Podium: Steven Mattis: Titanic at the Movies

iLearn: Apple Creativity Showcase

Beyond the Podium: Steven Mattis: More Amazing Facts About the Titanic-

Showtime: Savannah Smith hails from non other than the shining neon lights of Las Vegas.  She has been featured on PBS, stared in three Las Vegas Strip productions and recently been nominated by Broadway World for Best Performance. She covered everything from billboard top 40s to Broadway and took us on a journey honouring some of the most amazing female artists of our time.

Feb 10, Fort Lauderdale

Weather was 79F/26C nice day in Fort Lauderdale.  Disembarking commence around 7AM.  Being a consecutive cruiser we are the last ones off the ship and the first back on.  We are taken to a secure part of the terminal, we see the immigration officer get our new keys and then back on the ship.  We also had a lunch planned in the dinning room for all of us.  We were many consecutive cruisers this cruise.

We had our muster drill then went to the Sunset Bar for sailaway.  Our sailaway was delayed until 5:30PM as there were many ships in port so we had to take our turn.  I met some old cruising friends which is always nice to see each other again.

I met my new tablemates which were widows ladies which was nice to have something in common.

ShowtimeBilly Garan a comedian who has opened for Robert Klein, Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfield.  It was a great show.  We also met our new Cruise Director Rich Clesen.

Feb 11, At Sea

Another great day at sea.  Seas are calm.

Since I got a new iPhone recently, I decided to follow all the courses they were giving.  I did it on the first cruise but there was so much to retain that I decided to follow the courses again to reinforced what I learnt on the first cruise.

iLearn: iPhone & iPad top tips for international travellers.

Beyond the Podium: Melinda Bates: Backstage at the White House World's Most Famous House, very interesting information on the occupants of the White House.

iLearn: iOS 12 essential Tips & Tricks.

Showtime: Life, production show with the signers, dancers and specialty acts plus the orchestra.  Great show I watched it a second time.

Feb 12, At Sea

Little turbulent today but still able to walk pretty strait. 

iLearn: Hey Siri & Apple Watch.

iLearn: Camera for iPhone & iPad and r

Teck Tip: Wifi calling with Hangouts

Showtime: Aaron Shaw - after finishing a call of duty in the United States Marine Corps, Aaron got a huge break on the X Factor where he was emphatically praised by Simon Cowell himself for having a tremendously versatile, powerful voice...a voice of greatness. If you ever have to chance to see his show don't miss it, he has a great voice.

Feb 13, St Croix, USVI

Weather today is partly sunny 85F/29C.

Celebrity Tour: Captain Morgan Rum Adventure.  This tour combines our love of nature and rum with two special visits in St. Croix.  Situated among the historic remains of a sugarcane plantation, St. George Village Botanical Gardens offers a unique blend of St. Croix's botanical, historical and cultural heritage.  Then, we visited the Captain Morgan Visitors Center to learn how the globe's top selling rum is made and learn about the legendary Captain Morgan himself.

Tech Tip: Wifi calling with Facebook Messenger

Showtime: Savannah Smith has been in Las Vegas, as a headliner she has been featured on PBS, she stars in three Las Vegas Strip Productions she has recently been nominated by Broadway World for Best Performance.  A jack of all trades, Savannah covers everything from billboard top 40s to Broadway and takes you on a journey honouring some of the most amazing female artists of our time.

Feb 14, St. Maarten

Weather today is 82F/28C and partly sunny.

Celebrity Tour: An Ultimate Island Tour: Explorer Cruise and Island Tour. We discovered the island's history and key landmarks on the scenic bus ride to Marigot, where we can explore the mall, shops, quaint streets, and cafes.  Then we enjoyed a drive through Dutch Sint Maarten to board the double-decker Explorer Boat.  We admired the views of luxury villas and mega-yachts while enjoying music, live entertainment and tropical drinks including an open bar and rum tasting before returning to the cruise ship pier.  On a sad note, the island still needs lots of repairs of buildings that were destroyed during the hurricane.

iLearn: Create your first film with iMovie

Tech Tip: Digital Signature

Showtime: Charlie Peacock is a champion juggler, a title given to him by the international Jugglers Association.  Along with his incredible skill, he brings professionalism and personality wherever he performs.  He brings juggling out of the circus tent and makes it accessible to the audiences.  Charlie has been performing professionally for over 15 years.  His juggling has taken him to 6 continents.  He is a season pro with his sharp wit and performing, he's crafted a one of a kind show you don't want to miss.

Feb 15, St. Lucia

Weather: Partly sunny 85F/29C.

Celebrity Tour: Dolphin and Whale Watch Safari: We embarked on an exciting quest across St. Lucia crystal-clear waters to discover pods of Spinning and Spotted Dolphins, as well as Pilot and Sperm Whales. We sailed down the island's scenic west coast to search for these gentle cetaceans.  We did not find any but had a lovely day at sea.

iLearn: Create your first film with iMovie

Tech Tip: Optimize your iPhone/iPad battery life.

Showtime: Production show Pearl, did not like it the first time so did not attend this time.

Feb 16, Grenada

Weather: Partly Cloudy 86F/30C.

Celebrity Tour: Grand Etang, Annandale Falls and Fort Frederick: We drove along the western main road to discover Dougladstone Spice Estate, a historical monument of Grenada's past.  We ventured on a natural trail through hanging ferns.  We visited Fort Frederick for a panoramic view of the harbour.

Tech Tips: The Spotlight Search

Showtime: Hard Day's Night: Their show has become one of the most musically and visually satisfying Beatle tribute acts in the world.  It was nice to reminisce and sing along with our favourite songs of the Beatles.

Feb 17, Barbados

Weather: Partly Cloudy 84F/29C.

Celebrity Tour: Harrison's Cave and Island Tour: Though it was formed over hundreds of thousands of years out of crystallized limestone.  Harrison's Cave has only been open to the public for 15 years.  The first recorded report of Harrison's Cave dates back to 1796, but it wasn't until the late 1970 that the cave was rediscovered and developed by the government of Barbados.  We watched a short film about the formation of the island at the Visitor's Center.  We then boarded a tram and descended deep into the cavern.

Tech Tip: Airdrop/Air Mirroring

Showtime: Knight Magic - Kyle and Mistie Knight: This husband and wife duo have been featured on TV Fool Us Now You See It and were the grand prize winners on SyFy's Wizard Wars.  They perform magic with bold and a modern style and touch of irreverence, and allow their audience to get up close and involved in ways they have never seen before.

Feb 18, Dominica

Weather: Partly Cloudy 81F/27C.

Celebrity Tour: Whale and Dolphin Safari: We sailed along the island's west coast on our quest to find gentle cetaceans.  We listen for the clicking of Sperm Whales as they hunt for giant squid and whistling of dolphins as they interact with one another.  On this quest we did see whales and dolphins during this tour.

iLearn: Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Tech Tip: Exploring JBL and Wireless Speakers

Showtime: Domenick Allen: He is a multi instrumentalist.  He as appeared in Las Vegas, on Broadway, Carnegie Hall and London's West End with such diverse talents as Foreigner, Liberace and The Buddy Rich Big Band. He is a very dynamic entertainer.

Feb 19, St. Kitts

Weather: Mostly Sunny 80F/27C.

Celebrity Tour: Safari Island Tour: We rode in a fun open-air safari vehicle on a scenic journey across the island of St. Kitts.  We began with a drive through Basseterre, before heading westward to the celebrated Caribelle Batik Studio and Romney Manor Gardens.  See batik-making and admire the unique and famous designs.  Then we took a walk through the beautiful gardens.  We continued our narrated drive around the island, learning about St. Kitts and history and culture from our guide.  We saw the historic Old Road Village where the British first landed.  We admired the world-famous Brimstone Hill Fortress.  We visited Gibbons Hill where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea.  We stretch our legs at Black Rocks and marvel at this natural geologic wonder with stunning views.

iLearn: Going Further with iOS for iPhone and iPad.

Tech Tip: Reading Websites Offline

Showtime: Billy McGuigan's Rock Revue: he takes the audience on a journey from the 50' rock and roll of Elvis, Buddy and Pasty Cline to the psychedelic 60s of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin.

Feb 20, At Sea

iLearn & Tech Tip Recap & Q&A

Beyond the Podium: Melinda Bates:  The Ultimate White House Insider: Entertaining at the White House.

iLearn Class: Advanced Photo Safari

Tech Tip: Tip Recap

Showtime: Production Cosmopolitan with the singers and dancer including the specialty acts and orchestra.  This is a good show.

Feb 21, At Sea

iLearn: Creativity Showcase

Showtime: Miguel Washington is a comedian: He made us laugh without being crude.

Feb 22, Fort Lauderdale, FL

We arrived on time and since I only had carry-on I disembarked when I was ready.  I went though immigration and went to Alamo's shuttle pick-up.  I rented a van and drove to Orlando for the rest of my vacation.

Final thoughts on the cruises:

This was my first solo cruises.  It went better than I thought it would go.  I was very busy.  The ship is beautiful, the staff were excellent, the food was good and service the best.

Looking forward to my next cruise.

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